Your gift will make a difference for a family who is starting life in Houston with only the few items they could carry when they fled from Afghanistan. Many Afghan families will not receive sufficient funds from the U.S. government to set up and sustain a new home. Resettlement agencies must rely on private funds to help.

Did you know that by covering our credit card processing fee, we’ll be able to use your full donation to support the Afghan Refugees?  If you add a little extra to your gift, we’ll be able to help more people.  Here are some examples of how to cover the processing fees:

  • Add $1.40 add to a $50 gift
  • Add $2.80 to a $100 gift
  • Add $5.60 to a $200 gift

If you can’t pay by cash or direct bank transfer, you can send a check made out to “Houston Afghan Resettlement Fund.”  Mail to: Catholic Charities, 2900 Louisiana St., Houston, TX 77006.